Food For Thought

Ever wonder if your dog can eat that slice of tomato you dropped on the floor, or whether that piece of cucumber you missed will cause digestive upset? Well, this blog should help clear up some of those questions and hopefully ease your mind as well. 

It is not unusual that you like to share your favorite snacks with your pet, but you may ask yourself whether they are healthy or good for them. Dogs have a similar but still different digestive system than we do, which is why some foods we love, can cause a lot of harm or even death. We thought we would list some of the fruits and vegetables you may think about feeding to your pet, that are regularly found in any household.

Here are some that you should avoid:


Now, here are some that
you can and even should feed:

Some of the foods may come as a surprise to you. If you haven’t already, make sure to give them a try! Just like us, dogs have preferences and they may go for some more than others, but now you know which one’s to try, and which one’s to toss! 

For more information on what dogs can and cannot have visit: