Enjoying July 4th With Your Pets

If you are like most American’s, you are planning on celebrating independence day with family and friends by hosting barbeques and watching fireworks in your town or from your backyard. You have everything ready to go and are waiting for your guests to arrive. But before you get this party started, make sure to get your pets ready for your night of celebrations!

Pets, unlike people, are not so fond of loud bangs and flashes, and don’t necessarily find them a reason to celebrate. The fireworks can cause a lot of anxiety and fear. Due to these celebrations, the 5th of July has become one of the busiest days for local shelters because dogs will flee from the noise to try to find shelter. This can cause your dog to wind up lost, injured or even killed. In order to prevent these happenings, we want to make sure you know what can help you pet stay safe and calm during such an eventful time for you.  Here's a list of things to keep in mind over the weekend.

  1. Keep your pets indoors at all times. Even dogs who are in a fenced enclosure may feel the tendency to get away from the loud noises, so even if you have outside dogs, think about bringing them into the garage for the night. If you have guests, ask them to keep your doors shut at all times to avoid your pups and kitties from running outside.
  2. Another thing to keep in mind is food toxicity especially if you have a house full of guests. Dogs are sensitive to many foods, therefore you want to make sure people refrain from giving your pets table food. Also keep pets away from any alcoholic beverages as they can cause life-threatening seizures as well as respiratory problems. 
  3. If you do go to your local fireworks show, leave your furbabies at home. This way they are not exposed to loud noises and too many people, which can cause even more anxiety. You should avoid leaving your pet in the car as well. The hiding space is limited and the loud noises can leave your pet with brain damage and cause excessive anxiety. Your pet will feel safest at home.  
  4. Make sure your pet has proper identification that does not come off easily. This way, if there is an accident and your pet does get out, any finders are able to contact you and return your pet to you.  Did you know Pure Pet engraves I.D. tags right at the front counter for only $7!
  5. Avoid lighting sparklers or fireworks around your pet. Curious pets may try to play with them and can in turn suffer from trauma and burns to their face and paws. Once your night is over, make sure to clean up any areas where fireworks were lit to make sure your dog does not get into them. The toxic substances can cause poisonings and other fatal problems.
  6. Try to keep your lighter fluid and matches put up if you aren’t using them. Dogs love chewing on wood and they will not know the difference between a stick and a match. Chemical substances in matches can damage blood cells and cause difficulties breathing. Lighter fluid can cause skin irritations and gastric problems. 

To avoid pet anxiety and help soothe your pets fear, watch for some of these signs:

  • Hiding
  • Trembling
  • Shaking
  • Pacing
  • Chewing
  • Howling
  • Clinging
  • Barking
  • Sudden urinating and defecating 

To make the night go over a little easier for your pets try to tune out the noise by playing a movie, running your fans and keeping curtains, windows and blinds shut. Allowing your dog to access any part of the house will allow your pets to find an area they feel most comfortable in such as a closet, their crate or even the basement. Make sure to have their favorite blanket and toys available in a safe area so they feel more comfortable. There are also many calming aids available here at the store to help take the ed

Now that you have your pets at ease, enjoy your 4th of July celebration knowing they are safe and sound!