Your pets and the eclipse

Everyone is getting excited for the natural phenomenon called the total solar eclipse. All of us are looking forward to witnessing it so close to home and some of us are content spending all weekend at home, cooped up, waiting for the masses to retreat. No matter what your plans may be, take some time to consider your pets and what they may be experiencing. 

Typically, pets tend to have no reactions to the eclipse but may be somewhat confused due to total darkness. Your pet may be frightened, however unlike with fireworks and thunderstorms there is no noise associated with this phenomenon. 

A more prominent concern are the crowds of people that will be out and about and chances are your pet would get more spooked by them, than the actual event. Therefore try to keep your pet on a leash when you let them outside all weekend long, to avoid them from running off and getting lost. It can also be expected that some may shoot off fireworks during the darkness of the eclipse, so we recommend keeping your pets safe inside and avoid letting them out during this short time period. 

Worried about your pets eyes? The glasses do not work the same for pets, however chances of your pet looking right up at the eclipse are very low. Though, to make sure your pets are protected, keep them inside throughout this time. 

Keeping your pets inside and letting them out on a leash only will ensure that they stay safe and are protected from the crowds and the eclipse itself. We hope you and your four-legged companions all have a exciting and safe eclipse experience!