Buckle Up!

If you're like us, you love to take your pups everywhere you go and most of the time that involves some form of transportation from A to B. Though we enjoy adventures with them, we rarely think twice about car safety and what could happen if they aren’t secured properly. Our dogs tend to often roam free in our cars or trucks and make out as great shotgun riders. Some dogs love jumping from the back to the front and some even ride on your lap. Due to all this activity, you may have thought about restraining your dog to prevent any distraction but there is also another good, more important reason to keep them confined to one area.  

So what happens in a 30 mph crash?

Anything that you have in your car will multiply its weight by 30 if you are involved in a 30 mph collision. That means even a 1/2-pound tissue box will very quickly weigh 15 pounds, so a small dog weighing only 15 pounds will cause some serious damage with a force of 450 pounds.     That being said, a 65-pound dog will slam against the back of your or your passengers seat with a solid 2 ton force. It is not only in best interest for your dogs well being, but definitely something to think about when it comes to your or even your children’s safety, while traveling with your dog.

Serious injuries or even death can be avoided with some simple solutions that don’t take long to implement at all. Here are some options:

  1. Crate your dog while traveling. Keeping your dog confined prevents distractions and makes for safer driving. The best way is to have your crate anchored to the floor board or restrained so that it is stopped from moving through your car in case of a crash.
  2. Use safety barriers behind the front or back seat to prevent your dog from jumping on your lap or causing you or himself injury in case you have to break or are involved in a crash.
  3. The harness-tether combination is a great, easy way to keep your dog safe but comfortable as well. Ruffwear makes a great, sturdy harness, and paired with the Kurgo seatbelt tether you can easily click them in and also be ready to take on any adventure.

Another great thing about keeping your dogs restrained in your car is that you can make sure the surroundings are safe before you let them out of your car, and that way they don’t have the chance to bolt and potentially get hurt.

Stop by and let us tell you about each option in more detail to help you find the right one for you. Keep you and your pups safe and make for even better road trips and adventures!