Love Begins With A Healthy Heart

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about love. Love for your pets heart and why it is so important to keep this specific organ in mind. Here is why and how you should show your pet's heart some extra love this Valentine's Day!

The heart is in charge of simple but very important tasks in your pets body. It pumps blood that transports oxygen and nutrients to their cells and also helps transport toxic waste to other body parts to cleanse the body. It also helps move hormones and enzymes from one organ to the other and is also partially responsible for thermoregulation in the body. Therefore it is very important that the heart has plenty of blood supply and that the vessels remain clear and allow for increased blood flow during exercise.

Over time, as with all of us, some of these functions can become lacking and cause cardiomyopathy. However, these diseases can also be related to dietary deficiencies. Taurine and carnitine are 2 amino acids that are critical for normal heart development and performance. If your dog or cat is lacking either of these, the heart can undergo some serious damage. Any damage to the heart can result in an enlarged heart muscle, which will make your pets heart have to work much harder to make up for the damage.

What can you do to ensure your pets heart stays healthy?

  1. Feeding a complete diet is very important. Whether you buy your food at the store or make it yourself, it is very important your pet is not lacking any nutrients. There is a higher risk of deficiencies when making homemade diets, so it is important you are sure the meal is satisfying your pets requirements.
  2. You can supplement Omega-3's. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and have been reported to be beneficial for heart health and strength. They are able to reduce excessive blood clotting, therefore help in keeping those vessels free and open to proper blood flow. So try switching to a fish-based diet every once in a while.
  3. Your pets immunity also plays a role. When your pets immune system is fully functioning it consists of natural killer cells, antibodies and white blood cells that all protect your heart from dangerous microorganisms. Try topping their food with a natural immunity supplement like Super Shrooms by Super Snouts.
  4. Another way to keep that heart strong and pumping steady is by offering your pet plenty of exercise. This keeps the heart muscle strong and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to their body steady.

No matter what age your pet may be, it is never too late to ensure their heart health is up to par. Stop by the store and let us show you some great food, treats and supplement options to keep your pet’s heart happy and healthy.