Tough Pups, Tougher Toys

We all have that dog or know one that is notorious for shredding and de-stuffing those plush toys, or any toy for that matter. You may think that providing these toys just ends in a explosion in your living room and that they are not worth the money but here is what all that ruckus really does for your dog:

  1. Toys are emotionally balancing. Physical and emotional stimulation are very important for your dogs well being and tends to result in a happier being.
  2. Any toy will provide stimulation that can promote problem solving skills. That brain is constantly working and staying healthy.
  3. Have some work to do from home? Toys keep your pup busy and therefore keeps them out of trouble. Its much more peaceful that way.
  4. Shredding and ripping toys are actually instinctual actions for your dog. Its not that they don’t cherish your purchase, they actually really like it to the point where their natural instincts come to show. And just because they shred it and you only have the carcass, doesn’t mean they don’t value what they have. Many times, this part is their favorite and will be cherished forever.
  5. Toys are also a way to let off steam and expend some energy. Whether it’s a ball or a stuffed toy, throwing it around together is a fun interaction and offers your dog some necessary exercise.
  6. So don’t ever think toys are a waste of money because they are made to be played with, and that can sometimes mean total destruction. There are some toys that are stronger than others and even some that are guaranteed – but we wouldn’t go as far as indestructible.

Safety first – pick toys that are manufactured with the utmost care for your pet. They may be more expensive, but they will also hold up better and give you a quiet piece of mind. Stop in and see us.  We have some great options for your pet that allow for safe and fun interactive play.