Raw without the Thaw

Ever wonder if there is something in between kibble and raw that is hassle free? 

We are here to tell you that there is!

Kibble has become very advanced and pet food companies are working very hard to make it more digestible for dogs. However, some dogs that have sensitive stomachs might not be able to digest kibble as well as others, and this can cause owners to switch to making raw food. 

Because this is more natural to the dog, it can help solve these problems. However, this option can be tricky because all meals have to be balanced appropriately to prevent any deficiencies and some dogs may not be able to stomach raw food because it is very rich. It can also become fairly expensive and a hassle to keep up with over time.

We have a solution for you! Let us tell you about “raw without the thaw” – a different way to give your pet that nutritious and all around healthy diet. Diets like these have a very limited ingredient list which is great for dogs with allergies or other sensitivities. They usually only use one protein source and fresh fruits and vegetables. There is room for creativity however as you also have the option to buy a base mix, and add your own protein source.

There are a couple of different ways that these diets are made. One is freeze-drying and the other is dehydration. Freeze-drying involves putting fresh or cooked ingredients into a freezer. Once frozen, a vacuum will kick on, the food will be lightly heated creating a vapor and 98% of the food’s moisture is extracted by evaporation of ice at -85.

The other option is dehydration of ingredients. This is considered one of the oldest and most efficient methods of food processing. It is a very gentle process in which moisture is removed while preserving vitamins and minerals that come from fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Moisture is removed by heating the ingredients to 140 degrees and then drying to absorb the released moisture, as well as air movement which carries the moisture away from the product. The dried product is then packaged safely to avoid damage. Both processes preserve freshness of food because in order to have bacteria, yeast and mold growth, moisture must be present. Without moisture their enzymatic reactions cannot take place.

Check out this graph of what cooking can do to important vitamins & minerals in your pets food:

Here at Pure Pet, we carry two brands that process their foods this way. Grandma Lucy’s freeze dries their food, and The Honest Kitchen focuses on dehydration. Both products are great options for your pet if you are trying serve raw without the thaw, hassle-free. Just add warm water and the food is as good as fresh.