Goat milk?

Recently, probiotics have been supplemented in the form of raw goat's milk. Many of you may wonder - why not cow milk? What makes goat's milk so unique are its properties when it comes to your pets gut health. Raw goat's milk does not contain the alpha-s1-casein protein which can be hard to process by your pet and also encourage allergic reactions. The fat globules in raw goat milk are also very small and the curd formation is smaller too, making this milk more easily digested. The reason why raw goat's milk is used, is because there is no destruction of lactase enzymes which in turn will help with lactose break down. Since processed milk is heated, that enzyme is distorted and that way doesn't allow for effective digestion. 

Using raw goat milk a natural way you can help your pet suffering from anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, hyperactivity or a weakened immune system. Steve’s Real Food makes freeze-dried raw goat’s milk a superfood, by adding hemp oil, spirulina, turmeric, milk thistle among others. There are 3 different formulas that all have different powers:

CannaGurt is freeze-dried raw goat milk yogurt that is finished with hemp protein and oil. Hemp oil contains less than 0.3% THC, which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. However, the most important component is CBD, which is an effective cannabinoid containing great healing properties in regard to anxiety, seizures, pain and even cancer. This would be a great choice for a pet suffering from any of those problems.

DogNog is constructed by raw goat milk, eggs, coconut flour, turmeric, yucca and bromelain. This formula has anti-inflammatory powers due to the yucca and turmeric. These two ingredients function even more effectively in the presence of bromelain, a protein derived from pineapples that help absorb the two. This would be a great option for animals that suffer from mobility issues or inflammatory diseases such as IBD (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Growing puppies can also benefit from Dog Nog as it helps during the stages of growth.

Last but not least is CarnaForage – a super smoothie loaded with spirulina, dandelion, kale, chia seed, parsley, cilantro, spinach and milk thistle. This one has great soothing properties for a upset tummy. Kale, spinach and parsley contain L-glutamine which helps with belly aches and dandelion has high levels of lecithin and vitamin A. The milk thistle and spirulina protect the liver from toxins. This one is great for dogs that have sensitive stomachs, cannot thoroughly digest their meals or suffer from pancreatitis or gastrointestinal tract inflammation.

We sell all 3 formulas at Pure Pet and they come as a starter pack with a re-usable glass bottle. Just slowly add water, while mixing and fill it to the line. Once rehydrated the formula remains good for up to 12 days in the fridge. When it comes to refills, you can purchase a 3 serving tub and reuse your glass bottle. 

Using this all natural option does not only offer your pets a healthy, natural remedy to everyday irritations, but also provides a great immunity boost.