Does your pet have a drinking problem?

July is Pet Hydration Month! This month is all about raising awareness about how much water your pet really needs to drink every day, and what signs you should look for to know if they need to drink more or are dehydrated. 

Especially on those really hot summer days, it is very important your pet always has access to enough fresh water. Dehydration is a life threatening condition that occurs when they don’t consume enough water, or have increased fluid loss, such as diarrhea or vomiting. Your pet is made up of 80% water, and therefore it is very important that they have sufficient access to water every day. 

Keep your pets healthy and happy on hot days, and look out for any of these signs to know if your dog is in need of more fluids. You can perform a skin test as well, to check for dehydration by pulling up the scruff on the back of the neck. If the skin does not snap right back into place but takes a few moments, your dog may be dehydrated. If you notice your dog has any of the following symptoms take them to the vet immediately to avoid further complications. 

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