National Dog Bite Prevention Week

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week and you can help keep dog’s and humans safe by learning and teaching how to properly approach a dog, as well as understanding our dog’s body language. Dog biting is viewed as a negative response, but is a natural, primal behavior for dogs that they use to protect or defend themselves. Understanding a dog’s behavior and what could illicit a bite response can help prevent many threatening situations or behaviors. Some signs to watch out for include 

  • Whites of the eyes showing
  • Ears back, head down and bared teeth
  • Tense and furrowed eyebrows
  • Tail between the legs 
  • Excessive yawning and licking

These are all signs telling you that your dog is upset! Preventing any upsetting situations is key such as surprising dogs when they are asleep or approaching a dog that is chewing a bone as they may be protective over it. Don’t force your dog into a submissive position and make sure to keep your dog comfortable by avoiding threatening situations. Watching a dog’s body language can help interpret and help neutralize any situation from escalating. Help us educate about dog behaviors and teach children, and adults, the best way to respect and understand your pup!

Want more info?  Check out American Veterinary Medical Association page which has a ton of info to help educate you and your family!