Happy New Year

The year 2016 is quickly coming to an end and as always, we finish each year with a great big bang. The beginning of the new year is a wonderful thing and we enjoy the celebration, but usually much more than our four-legged family members. 

The people, loud noises and fireworks can get your pet quite worked up and result in lasting anxiety or worse, them getting lost or hurt. It is important to keep a few things in mind before you get your New Years celebrations rolling:

1.    Make sure your pet has a safe area to escape to. Somewhere that allows them to get some distance from all the hassle and relax. In this case, an area in the basement or a sound proof room is preferred to cancel out some of the loud noise from fireworks and people.

2.    Keep all doors and windows closed and make sure your guests do the same. The loud bangs, and thus stress, can cause your pet to run off. This is very dangerous as they may not only get lost, but also causes them to face dangers such as traffic. 

3.    If your pet is very anxious already and you know they don't do very well with company and events, try giving them a calming aid 30-45 minutes before the commotion begins to allow them to relax more easily. We carry multiple options that may work for your pet.

4.    Keep your pet away from fireworks! Ingesting any part of them can be life-threatening and result in a bad start to the New Year. Their loud expressions can also traumatize your pet and go as far as causing damage to their ears or other body parts. Make sure you get all the fireworks remains cleaned up the next day as well, so your pet doesn't ingest any materials they aren't supposed to. 

5.    In the chance that your pet does get out, make sure they have appropriate identification with the correct phone numbers and ensure that they are microchipped so that any finders can return your pet to you. We have multiple tag options and can engrave them for you while you shop! 

Keeping these few things in mind and being prepared for any situation can ensure the safety of your pet, and allow you to enjoy the beginning of 2017 much more! We hope you had a great 2016. Here's to a happy, healthy and most of all furry 2017 for you and your pets!