Your pets and the eclipse

Everyone is getting excited for the natural phenomenon called the total solar eclipse. All of us are looking forward to witnessing it so close to home and some of us are content spending all weekend at home, cooped up, waiting for the masses to retreat. No matter what your plans may be, take some time to consider your pets and what they may be experiencing. 

Typically, pets tend to have no reactions to the eclipse but may be somewhat confused due to total darkness. Your pet may be frightened, however unlike with fireworks and thunderstorms there is no noise associated with this phenomenon. 

A more prominent concern are the crowds of people that will be out and about and chances are your pet would get more spooked by them, than the actual event. Therefore try to keep your pet on a leash when you let them outside all weekend long, to avoid them from running off and getting lost. It can also be expected that some may shoot off fireworks during the darkness of the eclipse, so we recommend keeping your pets safe inside and avoid letting them out during this short time period. 

Worried about your pets eyes? The glasses do not work the same for pets, however chances of your pet looking right up at the eclipse are very low. Though, to make sure your pets are protected, keep them inside throughout this time. 

Keeping your pets inside and letting them out on a leash only will ensure that they stay safe and are protected from the crowds and the eclipse itself. We hope you and your four-legged companions all have a exciting and safe eclipse experience!

The Power of Massage


You may think a massage for you pet is a luxurious spa service, however there is much more to it than that. A massage can have many benefits such as increasing blood circulation, decreasing pain as well as anxiety and stress. Throughout all this you also strengthen the bond you share with your pet and it is also a great way to identify any growths or changes in your pet’s body at an early stage.

Here is how massage helps with:

ANXIETY – The pressure applied by your hands functions as a comfort shield that swaddles and thus relieves some anxiety your dog may feel during a thunderstorm, fireworks or if your dog is just of the nervous type, it can help relax.

ARTHRITIS – Rubbing and kneading increases blood flow to certain body parts by causing light muscle contractions which helps encourage healing of muscle or joint pain. Be careful not too apply too much pressure and read your dogs body language (if they flinch, move away or growl they are not so happy about what they are feeling)

PRE-EXERCISE – Dogs benefit from a good warm up before exercising just like we do, so a gentle rub and knead will increase blood flow to the whole body and can prevent injury and soreness post-exercise.

POST-EXERCISE – Any dog can experience soreness after a fun day at the park, in the woods or back yard play. Your pet may experience some stiffness the day after and massage can help relive some of that by increasing blood flow and reducing some of that pain.

The best way to introduce massage to your dog is by finding a quiet area in your house where there are no distractions and slowly run your flat hand softly along their whole body. Use long, sweeping motions and take note of swelling or lumps and pay attention to your pet’s reaction to touch and pressure. You can gently increase the pressure if your pet is enjoying it, however don’t apply straight pressure points and avoid areas your pet may not tolerate as much as others.

In some cases, soreness and pain can be caused by excessive weight. Dietary changes and exercising on a regular basis can help relieve some of the strains over time. If your pet experiences pain and soreness on a regular basis you may want to consider other forms of integrative treatments such as swimming,   milder exercise or acupuncture. Give it a try - we would love to know how your pet receives the idea of touch and extra bonding time with their human!

Buckle Up!

If you're like us, you love to take your pups everywhere you go and most of the time that involves some form of transportation from A to B. Though we enjoy adventures with them, we rarely think twice about car safety and what could happen if they aren’t secured properly. Our dogs tend to often roam free in our cars or trucks and make out as great shotgun riders. Some dogs love jumping from the back to the front and some even ride on your lap. Due to all this activity, you may have thought about restraining your dog to prevent any distraction but there is also another good, more important reason to keep them confined to one area.  

So what happens in a 30 mph crash?

Anything that you have in your car will multiply its weight by 30 if you are involved in a 30 mph collision. That means even a 1/2-pound tissue box will very quickly weigh 15 pounds, so a small dog weighing only 15 pounds will cause some serious damage with a force of 450 pounds.     That being said, a 65-pound dog will slam against the back of your or your passengers seat with a solid 2 ton force. It is not only in best interest for your dogs well being, but definitely something to think about when it comes to your or even your children’s safety, while traveling with your dog.

Serious injuries or even death can be avoided with some simple solutions that don’t take long to implement at all. Here are some options:

  1. Crate your dog while traveling. Keeping your dog confined prevents distractions and makes for safer driving. The best way is to have your crate anchored to the floor board or restrained so that it is stopped from moving through your car in case of a crash.
  2. Use safety barriers behind the front or back seat to prevent your dog from jumping on your lap or causing you or himself injury in case you have to break or are involved in a crash.
  3. The harness-tether combination is a great, easy way to keep your dog safe but comfortable as well. Ruffwear makes a great, sturdy harness, and paired with the Kurgo seatbelt tether you can easily click them in and also be ready to take on any adventure.

Another great thing about keeping your dogs restrained in your car is that you can make sure the surroundings are safe before you let them out of your car, and that way they don’t have the chance to bolt and potentially get hurt.

Stop by and let us tell you about each option in more detail to help you find the right one for you. Keep you and your pups safe and make for even better road trips and adventures!

Our thoughts about Evanger's...

Our mission here at Pure Pet is to provide a place for happy, healthy dogs. A place where our customers can come in knowing they are getting the best for their pets.  Products that we would have absolutely zero problems giving to our own pets.  We are constantly researching products and brands we bring in, to only offer our customers the very best. 

Last month we learned of the serious incident with Evanger’s Hunk of Beef canned dog food which contained the euthanasia drug, pentobarbital. Without any hesitation we pulled all Evanger's brand products from our shelves last month. On February 19th Evanger's issues its first voluntary recall of 60,000 cans of their Hunk of Beef with certain lot numbers (1816E03HB, 1816E04HB, 1816E06HB, 1816E07HB and 1816E13HB and have an expiration date of June 2020) these cans were sold in stores and online in Washington, California, Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Our whole team was, and still is, extremely disappointed, shocked, and upset over this, as we fed this to our own pets.  We agree with Evanger's website that “Even One Recall in 82 Years is One Too Many!”.  We will no longer be selling their products and as a precaution if you have ANY Evanger's cans (regardless of flavor) that you have purchased from us, please bring them back for a full refund, as your pet’s health is our top priority. We do not feel comfortable selling products we don’t trust.

If you have recently shopped with us you may have noticed we are updating our system and asking for your phone number and email.  One problem we have noticed through this whole situation is that there is no tracking of the cans once they leave the cannery.  We are creating an in-house system to track our can lot numbers as cases come in and hit our shelves, to create a faster way to contact customers that purchase certain items.

We want to thank you for being loyal customers and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us!

Rawcreational Fun

Dogs like to chew. Some prefer shoes or furniture, however we can all agree that any dog would give up any of those things for bones. For decades, it has been tradition to give the dog of the house the left over steak bones once dinner is over. And of course, dogs devour them and enjoy the feast. However, just like cooked chicken bones, any cooked bone can quickly turn into an emergency vet visit because they can cause serious damage to your dog’s body. They can get stuck in their jaw, splinter and damage not only the tongue but also pass through the digestive tract, which can result in scrapes and cuts, causing severe pain. Bone fragments can go as far as causing peritonitis (poked holes in your dog’s stomach) which requires an emergency vet visit and sometimes cannot be fixed. To avoid these situations, try raw bones! Some of you have already introduced this great, healthy chew to your pets (yes, there are some for cats too) but here is just some general information on why they truly are one of the best chews for our four legged companions.

There are 2 different categories and either is a safer alternative and comes with great health benefits:

Edible Bones – these are hollow, light bones that typically come from birds like chicken and turkey. They are very soft and break very easily and do not contain marrow, and are therefore less fattening. The poultry products by Primal Pet Foods do not splinter and are easily consumed. Definitely a great option even for the kitties. 

Recreational Bones – These are your big, chunky bones that come from cows, buffaloes or even lamb. They are typically filled with marrow and therefore a little bit more fatty. This type of bone should not be ingested, but rather chewed and gnawed on. These are great for your dog’s mouth because they are a great way to floss and brush, preventing gum disease. Now both of these bone types contain a great source of natural calcium that encourages bone strength. Calcium is also important for muscle contraction, blood coagulation and proper nerve impulse transmission and raw bones are a great way to provide those added benefits. Raw bones are also a great way to encourage your pets instinctual behavior and stimulate them mentally.

Now there are a few things to be aware of when you feed raw bones:

  1. As with any chew we recommend not leaving your do unattended to ensure their safety and be aware of their eating habits and you are right there if they do happen to get it lodged or start choking.
  2. It is better to take away bones that have been gnawed on. If they start chewing on direct bone, throw it out. The danger of it splintering and causing problems is higher when all the marrow and meat is cleaned off.
  3. Feed only fresh, raw bones. Pure Pet sells raw food and bones by Primal Pet Food that are specifically made for cats and dogs. These reliable products ensure your pet is getting the right stuff.
  4. Have a tough chewer? Avoid giving small bones that are easily broken or crushed. Always pick the right size that cannot be swallowed or devoured in one bite.
  5. If your dog has had teeth problems or restorative dental work done, avoid these bones. They can cause more harm than good.
  6. Pancreatitis dogs should avoid marrow bones because the amount of fat can cause diarrhea and severe discomfort. Try scooping out the marrow to make it a healthier bone.
  7. Also make sure your dogs are separated when you feed these bones. Some dogs can get very territorial and fight over their bones.
  8. Last but not least, avoid pork or rib bones. These splinter much more easily and create more danger.

It is important to remember that your pet should only eat 1-2 recreational bones a week due to the high amounts of fat in the marrow, and it is beneficial to put down a towel for them to eat on, or a washable bed that you don’t care that much about. These chews can get quite messy! Stop by and let us explain the different types of bones, and if you are interested, find out about how a raw diet is one of the healthiest options for your pet! 

Love Begins With A Healthy Heart

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, we wanted to take the opportunity to talk about love. Love for your pets heart and why it is so important to keep this specific organ in mind. Here is why and how you should show your pet's heart some extra love this Valentine's Day!

The heart is in charge of simple but very important tasks in your pets body. It pumps blood that transports oxygen and nutrients to their cells and also helps transport toxic waste to other body parts to cleanse the body. It also helps move hormones and enzymes from one organ to the other and is also partially responsible for thermoregulation in the body. Therefore it is very important that the heart has plenty of blood supply and that the vessels remain clear and allow for increased blood flow during exercise.

Over time, as with all of us, some of these functions can become lacking and cause cardiomyopathy. However, these diseases can also be related to dietary deficiencies. Taurine and carnitine are 2 amino acids that are critical for normal heart development and performance. If your dog or cat is lacking either of these, the heart can undergo some serious damage. Any damage to the heart can result in an enlarged heart muscle, which will make your pets heart have to work much harder to make up for the damage.

What can you do to ensure your pets heart stays healthy?

  1. Feeding a complete diet is very important. Whether you buy your food at the store or make it yourself, it is very important your pet is not lacking any nutrients. There is a higher risk of deficiencies when making homemade diets, so it is important you are sure the meal is satisfying your pets requirements.
  2. You can supplement Omega-3's. These fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties and have been reported to be beneficial for heart health and strength. They are able to reduce excessive blood clotting, therefore help in keeping those vessels free and open to proper blood flow. So try switching to a fish-based diet every once in a while.
  3. Your pets immunity also plays a role. When your pets immune system is fully functioning it consists of natural killer cells, antibodies and white blood cells that all protect your heart from dangerous microorganisms. Try topping their food with a natural immunity supplement like Super Shrooms by Super Snouts.
  4. Another way to keep that heart strong and pumping steady is by offering your pet plenty of exercise. This keeps the heart muscle strong and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to their body steady.

No matter what age your pet may be, it is never too late to ensure their heart health is up to par. Stop by the store and let us show you some great food, treats and supplement options to keep your pet’s heart happy and healthy.

Tough Pups, Tougher Toys

We all have that dog or know one that is notorious for shredding and de-stuffing those plush toys, or any toy for that matter. You may think that providing these toys just ends in a explosion in your living room and that they are not worth the money but here is what all that ruckus really does for your dog:

  1. Toys are emotionally balancing. Physical and emotional stimulation are very important for your dogs well being and tends to result in a happier being.
  2. Any toy will provide stimulation that can promote problem solving skills. That brain is constantly working and staying healthy.
  3. Have some work to do from home? Toys keep your pup busy and therefore keeps them out of trouble. Its much more peaceful that way.
  4. Shredding and ripping toys are actually instinctual actions for your dog. Its not that they don’t cherish your purchase, they actually really like it to the point where their natural instincts come to show. And just because they shred it and you only have the carcass, doesn’t mean they don’t value what they have. Many times, this part is their favorite and will be cherished forever.
  5. Toys are also a way to let off steam and expend some energy. Whether it’s a ball or a stuffed toy, throwing it around together is a fun interaction and offers your dog some necessary exercise.
  6. So don’t ever think toys are a waste of money because they are made to be played with, and that can sometimes mean total destruction. There are some toys that are stronger than others and even some that are guaranteed – but we wouldn’t go as far as indestructible.

Safety first – pick toys that are manufactured with the utmost care for your pet. They may be more expensive, but they will also hold up better and give you a quiet piece of mind. Stop in and see us.  We have some great options for your pet that allow for safe and fun interactive play. 

Say NO to Rawhide

Chewing is a very important activity for your pup. Not only does it play a key role in oral health, but is also mentally stimulating and can occupy them for long periods of time, depending on the chew.

A very popular chew that is sold in most pet stores is raw hide. Dogs tend to enjoy the beef, chicken or liver flavored bones or sticks, however it is important to understand what they are made of and what dangers this can create for your dog.

Raw hide is made from the inner layer of cow or even horse hides, The outer layer is usually used to make leather products such as car seats, purses and other goods. During processing the inner hide gets thoroughly cleaned and chemically treated to preserve the product during transport. The hide is then soaked in solutions to strip it from hair and fat, which can involve toxic chemicals. The hide is then “puffed” to make layering easier, which is also done using chemicals.

Once the inner layer is separated, it is whitened using hydrogen peroxide or bleach, which also removes the smell. Some raw hide chews are left white, but many are colored using red 40 or bleached even more for looks. In order to preserve these looks, companies have used glues, mercury and even formaldehyde. These processes all go into the making of the chew. So when your dog consumes this product, it is safe to say that it will no be digested, as your dog is munching on a “leather by-product” that turns into indigestible rubber and can create life-threatening blockages in their digestive tract. Therefore, stay away from these chemical leather sticks and try these instead:

Marvin with the Benebone

Marvin with the Benebone

The Benebone – This is a bacon flavored nylon chew that is not ingestible and makes it easy to leverage themselves, due to their practical shape. This chew can last you weeks or even months. Definitely a favorite at Pure Pet!

The Himalayan Chew – This is an all natural yak milk chew that has no added preservatives or binding agents. It comes in different sizes fit for any pup and allows for slow chewing. This hard cheese snack is definitely a winner.

Hurley with a Pig Ear

Hurley with a Pig Ear

The Pig Ears – These popular snacks are great for pups who need a lighter chew that gives a little the more it is chewed on. These are great because they do not smell and are fairly cheap compared to other chews. 

Boone with a Bully Stick

Boone with a Bully Stick

The Bullies – These long lasting sticks are 100% digestible and available USA made and odor-free at Pure Pet. They are tough and chewy and great for any dog. A very popular chew and your dog is guaranteed to love these.

Cow Hooves

Cow Hooves

The Cow Hoof – This is a great chew for your small and medium dogs and a wonderful dental chew. The only downfall – they are quite smelly!

The Raw Bone – These are a great source of Calcium and very digestible. They are a very safe chew, that lasts a long time. Tip: Never feed your dog a cooked bone as they can splinter and cause internal damage.

The Elk Antler – This is a very clean chew! They do not have any grease or smell and are a great source of vitamins and minerals such as Calcium and Zinc. Also, they are a great dental chew because they help remove tartar.

The Water Buffalo Horn

The Water Buffalo Horn

The Water Buffalo Horn -  This high protein, low fat chew is super long lasting and does not splinter. Therefore, this is a safe chew and a great option for any size dog. Big dogs should, however, only get chews with 2 open ends to prevent their tongue from getting stuck.

The listed chews are a healthy and safe alternative for your pup, however we recommend never leaving your dog unattended with a consumable or small chew because these can become choking hazard. Stop in the store and let us help you find the perfect chew option for your dog!